Saturday, December 20, 2008

Introduction to Sougent

Howdy…my nom de web is Sougent, I’ve fairly consistently used that nickname since I got into the Internet shortly after the “web” became popular.    What does it mean?   It is a shortening of Southern Gentleman, which was the name of a BBS (bulletin board system) that I ran in southeast Georgia in the late 1990’s.   Am I a southern gentleman?   Probably not as much or as often that I ought to be.   My Grandfather was one and it’s his memory that I look to as an example.

The point, if there is any, to this website and this blog in particular is to share my thoughts on whatever subject strikes my fancy.    Whether anyone will ever read it, or find what is posted here of any value, I can’t say, perhaps I’ll be surprised.    This is an age of social networks, blogs, twitter, creating a “brand”, so I guess that’s what I’m doing, creating the brand “Sougent” for whatever that’s worth.   Perhaps I’ll come up with an idea, a concept that I can build upon and that will provide value to others, I don’t know.   I hope anyone who is reading this can find some value to it, practical or entertainment, I may just be vainly shouting into the vastness that is the Internet with no one to see, but shout I shall.  

At the least, this is the record of one man who has lived half his life in one century, and looks toward living the other half in the next.

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